My Birthday 2013




Feel to share something with some of those “ Who knows all about me, Who doesn’t know about me, also who claims – we know everything about you “. Missed, missing, also will miss the one who made me glow, inspired and safeguarded me when I was about to blow being invisible but feelable just for me alone.  On this special day, I thank the sources like wind, storm, rain, cyclone and so on, which were about to blow me.  Since these sources taught too many lessons in my life. Moreover I cannot say in a word “Thanks”,  but I love the sources (countables) like oil, wick,  fuels and sticks (in times when I was a fire). As years rolled out, Iam ready to forget (forgive) everything but not ready to hold on(trust) everything as before. After decades now regained my own way of glowing, much brighter than before with the finest sources like cotton wick and ghee. Wishing me – DEEPA (light), myself (Self Confidence)  to glow(Happy Birthday) more brighter.

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