“Every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother”


          When I was pregnant like everyone faced all the problems like morning sickness, cramping, food cravings, fatigue and so on. But I was badly facing too many problems till the time I gave birth to baby.

But, when I saw my little princess dancing in her school function, there were no words to say. I was much more excited and never expected those expressions from her. Feel proud to be her mother. This was my first time; I felt my motherhood for the very first time.

The second time was on my birthday. Had great time, fun, also the first ever most valuable gift in my lifetime from my lovely princess. She woke up with a beautiful smile and not even opened her eyes, pulled me towards her, gave a hug and kiss, murmuring “Happy Birthday Ma”. Her stunning gift made me feel motherhood for the second time.

Even my youngest don’t leave me behind; he makes me feel my motherhood, when he feeds me, gives massage during headache, the most enjoyable things when he starts chasing me with a bat – admirable.  Really I never knew that motherhood would be so gratifying until my kids made me realize the same.

Motherhood is also a feeling doesn’t happen only with a mother but happens where you feel the love of a mother.

My beloved so called “MY HUBBY”, where i first experienced my motherhood feelings. The things how he took care of me when I got delivered my kids,even my mother’s love could never stand before that.

Recently in a weekend I was out, damn tired, hungry. I was thinking if mom was at home my food would have been kept ready and once when I enter the house could rush to the dinning table. But there was a suprise awating for me once I entered the house. Just opened the door, drag by the good smell to kitchen, saw my friend cooking almost everything done. In another minutes time we all sat together with varitety of dishes like mutton-mushroom gravy,  mutton vada(cutlet), curd. Instead of mouth watering my eyes was about to water not to spoil the situtation. Hiding all my feelings started filling my stomach. Since in my life for the first time felt a motherhood with him so called “MY FRIEND”.

Love you all guys for not being apart of my life, but for being my life.


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