“ Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit”.


Most of the times people fail in expressing their words. Due to this many of us fall in many critical situations; even it leads to breakup whatever the relation may be. The spoken words are compared in many ways; like a bow from arrow which never returns; pearls which never return to the shell. Feelings and thoughts should not be hidden, once when it is hidden it just becomes memories. So holding the feelings or thoughts within ourselves is of no worth. Though we cannot and must not go and share our feelings to everyone we know. There are always people around us look for our weakness and will prey on us, by taking advantage of our weakness. So sharing them to the right person at the right time is very important. Expressing the feelings or thoughts is not at all easy; it depends on the words, their mood, their surroundings, even the tone, etc. Even when we love someone; we need to express the depth of our love to them. Whenever we get a chance we can express them through a hug, kiss, a pat, soothing and caring words as I am there for you, you are my world. All these words need to be from the heart and no mean to pacify or please.  At sometimes even the harsh words gets forgotten but when this continues it results in breakup.


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