“MONEY” – A small word with just five letters in it, holding a single meaning but very powerful than anything in the world.  The only thing  loved by all, wanted by many and hated by none. It is constant and is ever present in everyones life. In earlier days, I heard that  LOVE changes ones life(personality, attitude) but now the word is love is replaced by MONEY. I have come across many of the debates, arguments stating that “Is money a blessing or curse?”.  I don’t say that money is everything or nothing, but money is something which makes us understands everything in critical times. Everyone has their own view on money. When it comes to a beggar, he say its priceless. When it comes to a millionare(who never found true love), he says its useless. Really I feel disgust when I see people behind money. So whatever may be if its over the limit(except love), its nothing.

“ The holy passion of any relationship is so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring in nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not coming to money” .


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