“The time we feel lonely, is the time we need the most to be ourself — Life’s cruelest irony”


Loneliness doesn’t mean that when a person is left all alone. It is that when a person feels all alone even when they are surrounded by thousands of people.  It happens at times when a person feels insecured,  when there is no one to understand them, worrying about too many things and not even a single genuine soul to share their problems.  Nobody likes to be alone, but few are pushed into it. After knowing the fact,  we could overcome that through many ways like loving ourselves, we caring for us, admiring the nature, spending time with kids, having a walk, engaging ourself with some hobbies, nothing better than a best friend(mirror).  Sometimes is better to be in the state of loneliness, to be in a false relationship(being used for granted).  I have learnt to love me,  admire the nature, filled with too many hobbies for almost a decade. Again me started crawling into my own world of memories as a kid. Nobody likes to be alone, few of them are pushed into it.


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