Balancing in Love


                       “Love is a balance of holding on and letting go”


Everyone wants to be loved and wants to be in love. Love when got from the right person in right time worth anything, simply called as luck. But when the love got from the right person at wrong time exists with a limit, simply called as fate. Right from the birth all of us even animals are behind love. Some people are in love from more than one source. In this case love needs to be balanced among everyone, since being loved and in love makes a person feel as though flying in the sky, they also claim,” Iam the luckiest in the world”.  But balancing is very difficult and toughest than anything in the world. Here comes possessiveness, jealousy, misunderstanding, anger, fear, hurt, lies and so on. Finally the luckiest person becomes the unluckiest person in the world getting depressed, being hatred by the sources. Everything becomes memories and the person is slowly pushed into loneliness.

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