Change in me after a decade.

Change in me after a decade.

change in mind

I understand even a small move from the person, whom I stay close.  But when I come to know something fishy happening with them, I just conform with the matter and express directly to the certain person. But I never get the right answer, instead they fool me.  When I come to know that it cause a big problem in a relationship, I just try to avoid that matter or just try to digest the one. But probably, when I get settling with those things, I don’t know why the things related to the matter come to me through certain ways – ear and eye. Again stirring me – feeling AYYOOOO… But people think that iam a fool or have been fooled, also claiming that I don’t understand them. This is the way how I lost my love, now got changed and don’t want lose the one again. But I strive hard to forget or digest that matter. Finally iam glad to say that,” I have understood you a lot”. Also I have changed me, but only for the love.

“ I thought by staying, trying to change would be worth it, but now I see trying to change , only changed me”  


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