Meeting friend after a long time.

Meeting friend after a long time.

A Friend is a one who comes in, when the whole world goes out.


When we get to feel the person close to our heart happy, even though we miss them. We really feel happy – my friend’s meetup with his friend after long time. Nothing except the friendship can make a person happy. Everyone have too many friends, but there are very few of them  who are very special  and make us feel very special. There are certain things that happen with us when we meet our friend after long time:

  • Being feeling good – Since we have been good friends, we should have missed each other terribly.
  • Being loved – Once when we see them our eyes starts dropping tears in joy.
  • Being comforted with  a warm hug or holding the hands – we are inseparable even years have passed.
  • Being  refreshed – We could lay naked all our feelings to them and be assured that they will not make us feel guilty or won’t blame us.
  • Being prioritized – Each and every soul in this world need a soul to share their feelings honestly, such a soul is a friend.
  • Being realized – Talking with a friend, makes us realize our mistakes and our virtues, even when they don’t point us.
  • Being boosted – We have not explained  them a lot, but still they keep on understanding us and when we hear  those words, “Iam always with you”.

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