Motherhood 2 (Miss my kids)

Motherhood 2 (Miss my kids)


After two weeks of holiday, again Iam back to my daily routine. But the most important thing is, I miss my kids who were around me. When they were around me, they use fight, play, even they drag me to play with them, going on hearing their sounds, dancing, singing, even my daughter helped me in cooking. At times I get irritated because of their mischievousness and feel tired, also was murmuring “Oh! Still how many days left for their school to reopen?”. Now all things are almost placed at the right place, house is clean, got done with all the works, pin drop silence at house, Iam relaxed, but still feeling tired and irritated — “I MISS THEM, O they are to school”. So now my eyes starring at the clock and ears longing for the sound of the doorbell.


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