Can give the best, time never matters.

Can give the best, time never matters.

Attimes many of us come under the problem stating that we have interest but  lack of time to workout.  Really it’s true and in this busy world no one of us have time. But when we are interested in doing something even if we don’t have time, we could make it in the possible even in 15-20 minutes a day. When you reach your goal, the whole world looks only  for the quality of the workdone. There are some steps to overcome this issue:

  • Self confidence: “Nothing is impossible in the world”, Whatever the thing may be, once when we are confident, we achieve our success.
  • Mind-set : We have to come out of the frustrations. Depending on the attitude, we can do a lot.
  • Comparison : Do not compare with others. It doesn’t matter that how much we completed, but it matters only about the quality of the thing completed. Try to be happy even with your small achievements.
  • Surroundings : The room where we work should be convienent depending on the air, space, sound and so on. This creates good mood.
  • Choosing the time : Some of us may feel good at early morning, some in night. We need to change the quality of time.
  • Planning : What all to Practice?, How long we take to practice?, When to practice?, Where to practice?.
  • Concentration : We need to put full stop to things like mobile,  which diverts our concentration. We could also develop concentration  through meditation, yoga , listening music, a small walk and so on.
  • Finding time : Instead of telling no time, we could use each and every single minute without wasting. Just like ending up the t.v. shows, also can prepare theory exercise during the travel.
  • Postpone : Do not use the words, “ Will do it tomorrow”.

Even I have to follow this. 


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