Pongal – 2


PONGAL:  The main festival is celebrated on this second day as “THAI PONGAL”. The word Pongal in Tamil means “Overflowing” which signifies abundance and prosperity. On the day of Pongal, at the time of sunrise people prepare two varieties of Pongal, one is sweet and the other one is salt. The boil the milk in new clay pots and when the milk boils out they shout, “Pongalo Pongal” and boil the newly harvested rice grains and the vegetables. Once it’s done they offer the rice to the Sun God, in order to thank him for his primary energy behind agriculture and good harvest. Also we use to put kolams and decorate the entrance of the house with mango leaf. On this day people do not take any non-vegetarian dish.

Pongal in our home

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