Feeling Confident

Feeling Confident


At most of times, I use to think that there is something with me, that nobody can travel with me. I also never mind of that, I use to travel alone. Even though I have tried to walk with very few (countable) but they never want to. There are people those who tried their best in walking with me but I never want them to. Not like others, I had a different (imaginary) world filled only with what I need and loved. Also never felt alone, enjoyed a lot. I just imagine myself as a unique person and have felt a lot and stayed away from everyone and simply follow up with what my mind wants. But recently I have been coming across few people of my kind. Happy and loved to see those few people of my own nature. More than this I feel a great comfort, hope, confident when I come across these people.  Thank God who made me gain all my stuffs again when I was about to lose it.


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