KuzhiPaniyaram or Rice Buns.

KuzhiPaniyaram or Rice Buns.

Kuzhi paniyaram or Rice Buns is one of the common dish in south India. It is eaten as breakfast or snacks. Paniyarams are tasty. It is made of left over Idli or Appam batter. It is made in a pan containing several holes and it is called as kuzhi paniyaram pan. In Tamil, kuzhi means hole and paniyaram name of the dish, so the name kuzhi paniyaram. There are varieties of Kuzhi paniyaram – Sweet Paniyaram, Spicy Paniyaram, Egg Paniyaram.


How to prepare Sweet Paniyaram/buns:

Appam Batter is good and tasty for sweet kuzhi paniyaram.

Ingredients :


Preparation :

  • Boil jaggery in water, wait till the water coats the spoon.
  • Filter the jaggery water and now mix it with the Appam or Idli batter.
  • Keep little of jaggery aside.
  • Now heat the paniyaram pan.
  • Pour the batter into the holes.
  • Sprinkle grated cocnut on the top (Optional).
  • Add oil to the sides of the paniyaram.
  • After a while, the paniyarams must be turned to the other side for cooking.

Serve hot with the jaggery liquid as dip


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