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” People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be – Abraham Lincoln”

Most of them including myself think that Happiness is caused when we are with someone we love. But it’s not like that, when one feels happy when he/she is alone. Definitely we could say that they are happy and they can be happy with anyone. Happiness is just a belief and it doesn’t come to us, only we should go towards that. It happens when we believe in what we are doing, know what we are doing and love what we are doing. Being happy is easier than not being happy. When we start realizing that we are amazing and can do anything ourselves, there we feel the meaning of the word “HAPPINESS”; even when the whole world is against us. When we around somebody happy we too feel happy, so being happy boosts us and makes us travel towards our goal.

My Scary and Funny kids



When kids start to grow older, their tooth fall down and again it grows. The same thing happened with my daughter but we are on vacation she just dropped her broken tooth in a dustbin. After 4 to 6 months, slowly the tooth grew out. She was scared by her uncle that, “since you threw the tooth without burying it, it took such a lot time to grow”. Now today one of her tooth fall down, she and her little brother discussed and finally they went and planted it in a flower pot, also she was telling I need to water it every day. Thinking that her teeth would grow earlier since she planted and was going to water daily. I was excited and finally captured those moments.

Blabber – 8 (Ignore Vs Avoid)



Everybody ignores few or particular action with their closest people in order to stay with them and in a need to maintain the relationship. Sometimes we avoid our closest people in some situation, it is not because we hate them or we don’t want them in our life. But it means we need and want them forever so we are about to stay away wishing them a good luck.