Happy Daughter’s Week

Happy Daughter’s Week

  “A Daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be a mother’s best friend”


Daughters are angels in our life. Heard this week is “Daughter’s week”. Not only on this week, but my daughter is always – a Princess in my Kingdom, a Beautiful rose in my Garden, a sweetest melody in my heart, a Moon in my Sky and so on. She the one who is behind me at all time. She reflects me like a mirror, she understands me a lot, she been a mother to me at times when I feel sad, she encourages me a lot, at times she also spots out my mistake and I could see all my childhood mischief’s with her. Really I feel proud to have such a nice daughter like mine. “Love you my GIRL – HIRANMAYI”. Wishing everyone a very happy Daughter’s week.


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