Happy Mothers day

Happy Mothers day
Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Because of being Sunday today I was as busy as usual with my family, so My Belated wishes to all the mothers in this world. Being mother and the feeling of motherhood is one of the best among few things in the world.Kids are compared to nothing in this world, they keep us busy all time. Watching them playing, sleeping, each and everything, the most important is when they fight, it’s really interesting to hear the words coming out childish from my son’s mouth – lovely. Even they are child they understand the situation around us and adjust themselves towards that. At times I reform as a kid with them. Love my kids and love to be a mother of them. Last but not least, everyone think that mothers day is only for mothers but from my point of view – I have seen motherhood not from a mother but from different sources such as my grandfa, my friend and my hubby. So wishing them a  —- “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY”. 



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