Today’s Special


Really today I am damn tired (^o^). From morning, I have been running for market, then cleaning home – this job is yet to finished, few more rooms yet to be done, evening visit by guests and then I got a little time to sit. Again started planning for the dinner. I love to cook, but the problem with me is selecting the menu – What to cook (choosing the main ingredient), How to cook (new recipe or familiar one or innovative recipe). Since being a weekend and whole family at home, started a discussion what to cook and how to cook. But finally as usually everyone skipped out from the question and I started breaking my head and opened the refrigerator to check out what I got in home. When I opened the freezer, I found at the Lamb head lying in a box, so finally decided to cook the lamb head with dosa. As the first step was over, I started hunting for a recipe. Atlast was not satisfied with any of the recipes and I started to do discover my very own recipe, also applied it to the dish and the dish came out very well. I loved to have that curry with dosa, since because of the mouth-watering taste, I had one more dosa than usually I have. So I am about to share the recipe with every one. Had a satisfied dinner, feeling sleepy (-_-)zzz, going to hit my bed.  Click Lamb Head curry/Aatu thala kuzhambu for recipe.



Dosa with Lamb head curry / Aatu thala kuzhambu

Dosa with Lamb head curry / Aatu thala kuzhambu

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