Month of AADI




Tamil month Aadi, marks the beginning of monsoon in TamilNadu. During this month, water levels in the rivers increases due to monsoon. To show our gratitude to the nature and to Thank Mother Cauvery river, we celebrate Aadiperukku. Aadi falls in between the mid of July to the mid of August. It is a unique south Indian festival, celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month – Aadi. There are many reasons to celebrate the beginning of Aadi both scientifically and traditionally. This month is observed predominately by women in Tamil Nadu. Nowadays people remember Aadi month for Discounts. Since there would be discounts in all shops for most of the things, people keep them busy in their purchase. So all the streets and roads will be crowded by people. Friday’s are being important and celebrated with too many pooja’s for all Goddesses, they prepare porridge called as  “KOOZH” in tamil and Buttermilk; and offer those first to Goddess in Temple and then distribute to all those who come to temple.  Also in this month, newly married couple is invited to the girl’s house and gifted with new clothes and other presents based on their financial status with a grand lunch and later the girl alone is asked to stay in their mother’s place for the whole month. So I decided to prepare Kalkandu sadam / Sugar candy rice and welcome the goddess by offering it.

Recipes for Aadi month:

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