Feeling WORTHY

Feeling WORTHY

Love to scribble, something what I feel now – Few of my friends, keep on asking me; “How do you find time in blogging, painting, chatting, dreaming?” Nothing secret in this, but there are some basic things which I keep on following to make me engaged the whole day.

Being a house wife for almost 10 years, my hubby understands each and every gesture of me. He cares a lot for me; he supports me towards my interest by encouraging a lot and keep on taking care of our kids. Since from my childhood, even though I have born and brought up in a joint family; I use to spend at least half an hour a day for me. This habit grows on with me, after marriage I have been mostly residing abroad. I miss my friends, family and feel all alone, so I started exploring, wandering, discovering about something where I stay; may be food, fashion, culture, kitchenware and showpieces. After my daughter was born, we both use to roam around. But after my son (naughtiest little fellow), I really spend most of my time with him. As he started going to school now I started to march on my way. Really spending a few hour for me makes happy, let’s me think of something, keeps me engaged with my own interest which makes me feel worthy. Last but not least, my friend who encouraged me to blog – definitely he was the source for where I am today. I couldn’t say a word “Thanks”, but love to express my thanks by keep on blogging…



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