Memories – My Bi-Cycle ride

Memories – My Bi-Cycle ride


After a long walk in my journey, I turn back and rewind my memories for a while now and then. I feel that I am blessed, since I was living with a person (My grandfa) who is of a genuine and unique personality, who gave me everything whatever I wished. Being a well known person in our town, when no one could meet him without prior appointment.  He spent most of his time with me. But I never realised that when he was with me, instead kept on telling he never sets aside time for me.

Now when I look back through my memories, I realised that he has spend most of his time with me. In spite of having cars and drivers, he used to travel only in his bi-cycle. When I was around 2 yr, I enjoyed my first cycle ride with him. He use to make me sit in the basket, which can be fitted to cycle hand bar and thus started my first ever cycle ride. I really admired to see most of them along the roads and streets, greeting him respectfully. Also I could see the happiness with him, when he introduces me to them.  When I grew older, I accompanied with him by sitting on the front bars of the cycle.

He loved me to be independent in all always. I too still now and ever will be like that. Our first such an attempt was riding a cycle on my own.

I was trained to ride a cycle by my neighbor, not only he was my neighbor, but a big brother to me. Every morning during my vacations, he used to train me to ride cycle. I was trained and started to ride on my own, within 2 weeks. Then after, I used to ride alongside with him in my cycle. When someone stops for a greeting and talks about my bicycle riding experience, I could notice the happiness and pride in his face.

Later as years passed, he got me my own bike. The man who dislikes traveling in his car or as a pillion, loved to travel with me in my bike as a pillion. We started having an excited ride in my bike, along the road where we were travelling on our cycles. When people noticed us, I could see the same happiness and pride which had grown multifold than when I was riding my cycle.

I use to wonder when I notice his pride and happiness towards my activities. But now when my son calls me for a ride in his cycle, I experienced the same feeling with me.

Whenever I share my memories with my daughter and son, they feel jealous of me. Also most of my friends feel jealous on me. The only man who made others feel jealous on me.


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