Sunshine Award


Here comes my other award, “The Sunshine Award” given by “Aiswarya – My Kitchen Moments”. Everyone has some talent in them, but there comes the time when their talent is shown to the world. When one’s talent is shown to the world, there would be a few to appreciate and encourage them, which keeps them in improving their skills – one such thing in this blogosphere is passing this awards. First I wish to thank Aiswarya for passing me is award and every one of my blogosphere and others friends, who encourage me through your likes, comments and follows.

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

Now let me come to this award, few interesting things about me:

  • Always I love to live in a small world – family and few friends.
  • I hate to hear lies from closest people (my friend and family).
  • Never open my ears to loved ones, experiment on doing what I love.
  • Whenever I feel alone, I just close my eyes and live with the person who need and loved the more.
  • I am too sensitive and possessive.

I have decided to pass on my awards with my certain blogger friends:

  1. Sizzle and Drizzle – Rutvika
  2. acbistro – Andy
  3. mysouthernflavours – Preethi Magesh
  4. feedingthesonis – Sanjana

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