Happy Blogiversary to Madraasi


First Blogiversary

First Blogiversary

Even I forget the special thing today – It’s my first blogiversary. Thanks a lot to wordpress to remember me this day. A year back I have started to blog in wordpress the same, the correct word to say is not started forced to blog by my friend, well wisher and my everything. He too is blogging and you could check that @ jailive and cook-o-mania.

For Instance I love swimming, but I never think of learning swimming, but there would be someone behind me who pushes me into the pool and finally I would swim on my own and come out. Likewise I was dragged to blog by my friend Ajay, no words for him at this time, Cause still this time blogging has been my healthy time pass and hopefully I could say that hereafter blogging would be my all time companion.

Next comes my hubby and kids who supports me a lot in blogging. After taking out the topic of recipes in my blog, not only me even my kids started to help in cooking.

Next comes all you who encouraged me a lot through your wonderful likes, comments and follows. I am glad to say that through this blogging I have got too many good friends.

Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone

So on this day, I love to thank my family, my friends and my blog friends and still I need all your support and encouragement. Keep on holding me my friends 🙂

Also you could reach me in

  1. Facebook page:     Madraasi
  2. Facebook Profile:  Madraasi Deepa
  3. Pinterest: Deepayem

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