Desserted Fruits

Desserted Fruits

I got too many fruits at home and also I love the combination of having vanilla icecream with sponge cake and fruits with vanilla sponge cake. So this craziness resulted in this recipe. It’s little tie consuming but worth of trying it. Let us move on to the recipe…


  • Vanilla cup cakes – 7 nos
  • Apple – 2 nos
  • Kiwi – 3 nos
  • Banana – 2 nos
  • Pomegranate – ½ no
  • Orange fruit syrup – 1 cup
  • Whipped cream – for topping


  • Chop all the fruits into small pieces.
  • Cut the cup cakes into 2 equal round pieces.
  • Orange syrup:
    • Boil a cup of water with sugar for 5 mins.
    • Now add in the orange juice, sprinkle the cinnamon powder and put in low flame for 10 mins.
  • Start the layering:
    • Take a glass or glass bowl as you desire.
    • Place one of the halved cup cakes at the bottom of the glass.
    • Pour in two tsp of orange syrup over the cake.
    • Layer with the chopped fruit slices of your desire.
    • Place another piece of cake and then pour in the orange syrup over the cake.
    • Again layer it with fruits and then top it with the whipped cream.
    • Continue with other glass or glass bowls.

Refrigerate for an hour and serve chilled.


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