Blabber 13 – Iam growing stronger


When I come across or even when I hear the word “Addiction” is simply give a smile (mock) and move away from that surroundings. Else when it comes from my friend’s house just laugh and question them, what is that addiction? Is the thing or that people is that much treasured, than you? And also tell them “Everything comes and go, nothing is stable, Leave it and move forward”.   But never imagined that I have also been addicted to few things may be things, people. I could get it right only when I that (may be people, things, feelings) is moving away from me. But still I never my mind conclude that I am addicted. Instead it says to me “you are sick, you are lazy, you feel drowsy due to weather”, but finally at one point we have to agree what is happening. So today I am agreeing that me too on list.   But I am sure that I have get rid of few my addictions and also will get rid of others. After reading this I could guess whatever everything will think, I can hear you and coming to the answer of your question.   I could say the first I have recently spotted out the addiction with my blog – The very first thing I do when I open my eyes is, check out how many likes, followers and comments in my mobile. When there is few or something less than the previous post, I just think what all have wrong with this post. Also after that once in a while when I hear the notification sound from my mobile, all of a sudden I would check what has happened.   After few daily jobs done, again will enter the second one – whatsapp, just to check out my closest ones profile picture, if they are active a small GM and beautiful smile to them. This comes the second one but means a lot to me (may be love, possessiveness, priority and so on).     Again the third one will check out my face book page for notifications and likes. If there are likes will feel happy if there is nothing will be pity on me and move to the other work. Last but not the least, the important in my life, missed it for three years now back to that (was feeling a lot at first, but now learned to enjoy each and every second), nothing but – BEING ALONE after my hubby to work and kids to school.   Now I could shout that I am out of all these with the help of a simple, Why do you go behind all these,come on there are many things around now go and enjoy”. Now again it’s a time for change and to grow stronger and stronger than ever before and I am happy to say that I am not alone, but got time one and only to spend some time for me.

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