Our STEEL Anniversary Day

Our STEEL Anniversary Day

One of the most important day in my life starts from here every year, FEBRAUARY 1st –It’s Our Anniversary Day. Really 11 yrs of togetherness so called “STEEL ANNIVERSARY”. Feel happy to be with such a man who is not only good, wise, clever but more than that a GENTLEMAN – Love you my Dear ( ). No words for you on this day because I could clearly say that being with me, a woman with too much of naughtiness, short tempered, outspoken and think that I am straightforward, is a very very difficult job. But you have been with me since 11yrs and have travelled with me in all my UP’s and now it’s not the least but this is the one I faced a lot in these 11yrs DOWN’S and also been so supportive in all my decisions. I could and would say that you are the one and only best for me.

Anniversary Day - 2015

Anniversary Day – 2015

I never care for other’s crappy view, just care only for yours, my closest souls and my kids view; and this had been made possible only because of you and I am sure that it will continue for rest of the years.

The most important thing which happened this year was, a HUGE SUPRISE from your side my love. A Surprise gift – a BOUQUET of my all time favorite yellow roses which I love to get only from your hand and a box of FERRERO ROCHER. Not to leave the kids they from their side with a bracelet and ring made with magic loom. A very happy day, love, wanted and will be like this forever.

Also today the cake made by me “BUTTERMILK FRUIT CAKE “was awesome, with a perfect texture, it was the perfect Fruit Cake. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DAY to us.


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