MADRAASI with Expo Worldrecipe2015

MADRAASI with Expo Worldrecipe2015

Have been waiting for this day (My friend – Ajay’s Birthday) for about 2 months, I can’t say that I was waiting but strived hard to hold on a secret which was my recent treasure and now comes the right day and right time to open the mightiest treasure box. MADRAASI is with worldrecipes.expo2015, I am glad that they have picked MADRAASI as one among the 14 food bloggers from India and also not to miss the recognition by them. Yes, MADRAASI is on their homepage as a scrolling list of participant who had contributes to their site, starting few days back. Also thank the people of Expo world recipes, who been patiently waiting (almost 2 months) till I to pin their badge on my BLOG today.

 Expo worldrecipes Homepage 2015 :

Madraasi on expo worldrecipes 2015 :

expobadgeThese have not been possible only by me, but with all my family, friends, followers, well-wishers and so on. Last but not least a special thanks to wordpress group.


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