My First and Foremost Guestpost


Hi Friends,

Got things to share with you all, I have started this blog first of all with my scribblings, after few months I have started blogging recipes and later it took the first priority. Wonder! How I changed my path to full and full of recipes, because I planned to maintain my blog on the other hand as my Diary when I scribble something here, I hope it’s been written to my god (my Grandpa, who is no more) – sharing my experience may be love, hurt, happiness, sorrow and so on. So planned to start my scribbling again atleast once in a week.

Today I got to share my happiness with you all. It’s my first and foremost guest post for my lovely Friend Vasantha Vivek, about motherhood was published in her blog. I am very happy because this post made me realise “How small the WORLD is?”, Yes she is from Kovilpatti next to Tuticorin (my hometown). She has a wonderful blog, where she shares about too many historical places in Tamil Nadu, things related to family. So friends do check her at Vasantha Vivek – “ MY SWEET NOTHINGS”.

 Below is my Guest post, which got published in her Blog

Guest post - 1 (Motherhood)

Guest post – 1 (Motherhood)

Today I would like to share the memories of my good friend Deepa from Madraasi – a tamilian tales. A friend of almost same interests like me. Thank you so much Deepa for sparing time for my Guest Post “This MOM’s Life”. 

She’s a loving, caring housewife and a busy mom running behind two lovely and notorious kids. She hails from the southernmost coastal area of TamilNadu. She never sit idle at her free times; As the proverb “Idle mind is devil’s workshop”, she never sit idle.

She  loves her family very much; also she adds that they are her world. She is happy that her kids give meaning to her life. Her daughter  is studying 7 in grade II and her son is at 4 in Montessori I.

She has too many interests from her childhood. Paintings, embroidery, gardening, cooking and so on. She completed her graduation in computer science.

She loves spending her time in exploring things through google, designing costumes for her daughter and herself, playing with kids, watching T.V, chatting with friends and she was glad to say that she has got a healthy hobby and says that “I am blogger, blogging in the name of MADRAASI”.

Now her heart flows through “This MOM’s Life”.


  1. What three words describe you as a mother?

Active: Basically I am lazy, but as a mother I never postpone things and stay as active as a bee.

Exploring: Once I am alone, I start exploring through internet or through my friends network – what to do for kids (may be food, outing, playing or regarding their future).

Caring: When coming to caring I can’t say in a word CARING, but from my view it also holds fear (strive hard to keep me healthy, so that I could take care of them), tension (when they are late to home from school), very Emotional and Sensitive – when it comes to my kids.

2. What’s the parenting rule you never break?

 No lies to me and No compromise when it comes to studies.‘

3. And one rule you do break?

 When they say, “Next time will complete the food properly”. (but it happens only sometime :P)

4. How do you spend time off for yourself?

 Recently I spend mostly in blogging and once in a while chatting with friends.

 5. What’s the best part of your day?

 Evenings are the best part of my day – spending time with them (particularly I love to hear their conversation when they fight).

6. What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

 Holding the Television’s Remote control, I feel it’s not right to say holding, instead it’s grabbing the remote from my kids and watching music channels.

7. What five things can always be found in your refrigerator?

 Milk, Yogurt (curd), Carrots, Egg and Butter.

8. What words describe you as a wife and a mom?

 I don’t want to say loving, caring hope that’s common among everyone and so telling something other than that.

As a wife – Wanting my hubby to take care of me, lazy, romance, very few expectations (may be few phone calls, early to home from work, a hug …).

As a mother – Possessive, active, patience, watching cartoons, play along with them.

 9. Do you have a family ritual that you love?

 Nothing like family rituals. We love spending time together may be at home or somewhere a peaceful stay (tour).

 10. What are 3 best things you love to teach your child?

  • I love them to be independent meaning they must have guts to face their problems inspite of we being with them.
  • Be simple, love, help, respect others and their feelings.
  • Achieve something in your life, even after you, your name will be spoken.


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