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Today I am going to share you all about a snack shop near to my hometown, which has fantastic flavors, delectable taste, well-textured snack, also not to miss this too many varieties of both sweets and savories. Usually the village, “ERAL” is famous for its KARASEV, but here we get all the southern Indian’s snack items.

There are few shops in the village, but we buy from a particular shop T.Thangapandian Mittai Kadai, also this shop is very easy to find because of the location. This shop is located on the Highway from Tuticorin to Madurai, at Keela Eral.

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Right from my childhood, we use get snacks from this village. Since our family is from business background, our family members use to travel out of the town at least once in a week, so on the way back to our hometown they use to buy snacks from this shop.

Not only from my childhood, even now whenever we are to our hometown we use to buy all the varieties of snacks includes both sweet and savory from this shop. We do not get in small quantity; we use to purchase it for a month, as they prepare all the snacks by themselves these savories stay fresh for almost two months when stored in an airtight container and not miss the sweets they too stay fresh when refrigerated for a week.

My son munches that KARASEV every now and then, also once when starts our journey towards Bangalore from Tuticorin, my kids remind their dad that we need to buy snacks from the snacks shop.

I love list few varieties of savories – KARASEV, OMAPODI, KARABOONDHI, MIXTURE, MURUKKU and so on and few varieties of sweets – SWEET BOONDHI, ADHIRASAM, CHILLUKARUPATTI, SEENI MITTAI, KARUPATTI MITTAI, JANGIRI, HALWA, LADDU, KADALAI MITTAI and so on. These are our favorites, which are must in our list.

Not only in that place, but they distribute their snacks across few states, I have heard they distribute to Bangalore. So guys when we get to come through the Tuticorin-Madurai, never miss this shop.

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