The Creative Blogger Award


After a long time, now I am again with an award nominated by Erika Kind, one of my blogger friends. I thank her whole-heartedly for nominating me to this award. I knew recently, but I became very close with her. She has a lovely blog with many inspirational words, poems, about relationships and many more. So people whenever you find time, just stop by her blog: AuthorErikaKind

The Creative Blogger Award

The Creative Blogger Award

Coming to the rules:

You people have to give 5 random facts about yourselves.

Nominate others to do the same. There is no mention of limit on number of bloggers.


Five random facts about me:

  1. Many of the people think that I am a cool person, but I am not as cool as they think.
  2. I love to travel on my own way in my very own style.
  3. I love the word “Perfection”, also struggle hard to follow the word, but it never happens.
  4. I love to keep up the words and get irritated when people never keep up their words.
  5. I have a big friend and family circle, but there are only very few with whom I feel comfortable may be anytime.

People I nominate:

You people have to give 5 random facts about yourselves and then nominate others to do the same.There is no mention of limit on number of bloggers.
Also,and this is VERY IMPORTANT, mention the name and the link of the blogger who nominated you.


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  1. Thank you Madraasi for your lovely words about my blog. You are highly appreciated! I am also very happy that I could gift you with this award. You really deserve it.

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