King Star – Homemade Chocolates in Ooty


Last week we have been on a trip to OOTY. Ooty commonly known as “Udhagamandalam” and is the Queen of Hills. Ooty is the headquarters of The Nilgris district, which is one of the famous hill stations in South India. We been a trip for almost 3 days, but we visited just like that for shopping and let me say in the fore coming post where we stayed and enjoyed.

Ooty is famous for its homemade chocolates, so who ever been to Ooty would never miss to buy these homemade chocolates. We came to know about “King Star” outlet for the homemade chocolates, which was established in 1942.

Back in 1942, King Star was the only place to sell homemade chocolates and fudges, now it has been one among the specialties of Ooty. It sells many varieties of chocolates. It is a tiny shop and the outer view was dull, but the goodies are delectable. In addition, the salesperson will give us a sample of varieties of chocolates.

The shop is located at the main area – 33 Commercial Rd, Ooty, next to Hp Gas. The price was reasonable. Since it is near Charing Cross, we could see tourists purchasing bag full of chocolates from this age-old shop. We too purchased a bag full of varieties of chocolates. Among all the varieties, I am crazy for the sugar-free chocolates.

I am sure that next time when I go to Ooty, I would purchase chocolates from this KING STAR.

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