My views on Relationship

My views on Relationship

I have seen many of them talking about relationship, even I have shared few things under the topic relationship, but I hope it’s not a fact. May be the fact would be bitter like a medicine, but who all takes it, no one of us.

Nowadays, saying “I love you has become just like that of saying hi” – only when you like the person stay in relationship, else do not fool them with the word “relationship”. No one is forced or it’s not a pride to be in a relationship, it should be from the heart.

What all we need – understanding, trust, affection, caring, accept others as they are (applies only when they are right), forgiving only when the same mistake happens twice or thrice when it comes to special may be you can go ahead for ten, privacy (a space for them), encouragement, respect each other, do not make fun or criticize them before others (they would hide their feelings), understand things (situation) around them.


Relationship is like a rubber band, both the sides should be pulled at a time and released at a time, else there would be pain only for one.

We think that adjustment, self-sacrifice, hiding things to make people happy, holding the feelings but it’s not like that, there are few things which makes us stay in a good relation – be yourself, do not hide things to make them happy (it’s only temporary), do not degrade you, respect each other, give them their space (it’s not privacy), express how you feel when you are with them, do not hold your ego, talk to them once in a while even you are busy, hold the hands whenever they are in need of you, look at their eyes when you find them disturbed because face is the index of mind.

Sometimes we are under balancing the relationship, but true love needs no balance. What all to do – Do not look for priority, respect their feelings, and open your ears when they convey something, look at their eyes (if you really like them you get the right feeling) instead of noticing the word. Time is precious than anything, give them their own time, take your time and spend them at least 10 minutes a day one and only with them.

Above written were all from my point of view, but things differ from every single person. Something I loved to share here.



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