Mother’s Day – 2015

Mother’s Day – 2015

“Happy Mother’s Day to each and every soul in the world”

Every one of us very well know that today is “Mother’s Day”, also I came across so many post from many of my blogger friends through social networking. I have seen everyone talking about their mother or their motherhood, but “Motherhood” is there with every one of us. Whenever I remember the word Motherhood or Mother’s Day, First of all I remember my hubby, then my mom, grandparents and then my loved ones with whom I have seen the motherhood.

Mother's Day

Well from my point of view there are few words to describe mother – love, affection, sacrifice, caring nothing equals mother and motherhood. Only after being a mother, I could strongly understand the feelings of a mother, sometimes I been guilty for being playful all over my childhood days. But feeling motherhood other than mother is something miracle, lucky me I have seen it with hubby and two of the friends, whom I can share everything, a shoulder to fall at times of worry, hand to wipe out my tears, laugh along when I laugh, bursting of the childish activities (giggling, laughing, crying with loud voice), also includes shouting, fighting, a lap for me to give peaceful sleep.

Since I have been brought up my grandparents (paternal), now I could realize most of the incidents, my grandma who use to come around me, simply shouting – did you take that, this before I go anywhere. And most of these my grandpa who carries things for me (which I forget), before I leave the home may be to school, anywhere; he would be standing with the gates open before I come home and wait till disappear from his eye along the road on the way to school or anywhere. I just mock or laugh at them, when they do all this. But now being a mother I do the same with the kids, also this happens with my loved ones, now it means a lot for me and also expect whether they turn around to look at me (Bye). Nothing best than a mother or being a mother.


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