Brain Omelette / Moolai Omelette


As already discussed in the previous post everyone including kids like this goat/lamb brain and I shared few brain recipes like brain omelette, scrambled brain, Spaghetti with Brain masala, Brain masala and Brain Fry followed by these here comes my another Brain recipe – Brain omelette Version-2, since the first version consumes more time to cook, the second version takes less time compared to the first one. The only difference here is I have ground the brain along with egg.

It should be served hot, so that it would be soft, spongy and melts in the mouth. Let us move on to the recipe…

Brain Omelette / Moolai Omelette

Brain Omelette / Moolai Omelette


  • Brain – 3 nos
  • Egg – 5 nos
  • Onions – 2 ½ nos
  • Coriander leaves – a handful
  • Curry Masala / Garam Masala – 1 ½ tsp
  • Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
  • Chili powder – ½ tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil – 2 tbsp


  • Clean and roughly chop the brain into medium pieces.
  • In a blender, break the eggs, add in the brain pieces, followed by little salt, turmeric powder, curry masala/garam masala, chili powder and blend well until it’s fluffy.
  • Peel and finely chop the onions and coriander leaves. Keep it aside.
  • Pour in the grounded mixture to a bowl, add in the onions and coriander leaves. Stir it well.
  • Heat a tsp of oil in a pan, spoon in the grounded mixture with spoon, spread it lightly.
  • Drizzle a tsp of oil around the omelette and cover with the lid, cook in medium flame.
  • Wait for 3 min, remove the lid, swap the side and cook by covering with lid for another 3 mins.

Serve hot as side dish for lunch or for dinner.

 Note: Cook only in medium flame or low flame, else the omelette would be burnt and uncooked.

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