Lychee (litchi) Milkshake

Lychee (litchi) Milkshake

Lychee is sweet and a fragrant fruit, available only on summer. This fruit is originated from china but now found in most of the south East Asian countries. It has a rough skin outside while contains juicy and creamy white flesh inside. It has wonderful taste and so it’s been a very difficult job to prepare food with lychee because my kids loves it to the core.

Lychee is a small fruit packed with loads of healthy nutrients and has a very short shelf life. It is packed with too much of health benefits such as strengthens immunity, blood relaxation, heart disease, blood pressure, aids digestion and bowel movements, weight loss and fluid balance. So beat the heat with this Lychee Milkshake and now let us move on to the recipe…

Since it’s Friday, I am taking it to Fiesta Friday #70 hosted by angie@thenovicegarderner.

Lychee (litchi) Milkshake

Lychee (litchi) Milkshake


  • Lychees – 12 nos
  • Whole fat milk – 3 glass
  • Sugar – as required
  • Rose essence / Vanilla essence – 2 drops


  • Peel and chop the lychees. Keep two of the chopped lychees aside for topping.
  • Take all the other lychees, sugar in a blender and blend well.
  • Pour in a cup of milk along with rose essence or vanilla essence and blend well.
  • Pour in another cup of milk and pulse the blender for just a min.
  • Pour in the glass, refrigerate and serve chilled by topping the chopped lychee.

Note: Use only chilled milk or milk at room temperature, but do not use warm or hot milk.



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  1. This sounds so refreshing and healthy – I’ve never had a lychee but I’ve always wanted to try one! I think I will steal your idea for other fruits, though! Thanks for bringing this to Fiesta Friday!

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