My Long Awaiting Dream


As I shared earlier, I use to surf the net for things I look for, I need, I dreamt or what I want. I am planning to share one topic of my interest every week.

Everybody has dreams, I too have few dreams, the most important or the one I give top priority is “Home – Sweet Home”. So very often I use to browse for things related to house, may be an apartment, villa, independent house, row house, farm house, interiors and so on.

Recently I found a site, which I liked the most for their interior, constructions, gardening and so on. I have been browsing the site, regarding interiors and constructions for almost 2 hours and got to know their works for schools, hospitals and so on.

As a 100 % homemaker, my mind and heart diverted me towards their home and its interior. I strongly believe in the proverb, “EAST OR WEST, HOME IS THE BEST”. Even you could have stayed in a world’s best luxurious hotel, nevertheless it’s only your home which gives you the comfort which you don’t get anywhere and a peaceful feeling. The word home here doesn’t mean only the building but also the interiors like the wall colors, paintings, furniture’s and even a small plant which would make us feel comfortable, enhance the mood and relaxes the mind.

As a mother, I give more importance to education and health than anything. Like me my daughter is also a moody girl, so a well-defined study room is one of the most important thing in a house.


As a foodie, I spend most of the time in my kitchen. It’s all the comfort that brings out the good result based on the work we do. I never mind about the area (sq.ft), it’s all about the interior and the room space which makes us feel comfortable.


Apart from this all other rooms be it a living room, dining room, bed room each has its own comfort in one’s life.


So Home is not a 4 letter word, but a place which gives fulfillment to one’s life. Hope, wish and love – my dream come true soon.

Image Courtesy: Professional/Homify.


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