Lunch Box / Tiffin Box


Lunch Box is one such most important for everyone, may be a housewife or working women. Everyday it’s been a big problem to think what to cook, how long will it take to cook, whether I would be a best combo and whether kids feel comfortable to have this at school. As a food blogger, even I have this problem as lunch is one of the most important in one’s life, especially for kids, when they are at home, we could make them eat. But from school they come with many reasons like I don’t have enough time to eat, the gravy never went well with rice, she asks for varieties to share with her friends. Apart from all these we should also be comfortable with cooking food based on the time, ingredients, marination and so on.
I use to share the recipes along with what I accompany for it. But apart from I got many requests from my followers and friends, for posting the lunch box recipe. So that it would be easy for us to prepare the same with right combination. This resulted me in sharing these lunch box/tiffin box recipes that goes out well for both Kids (schools) and Adults (office).

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Lunch Box 1: Potato Cauliflower Curry, Crispy Lady’s finger fry and Mangoes.
Lunch Box 2: Vegetable Briyani, Mushroom Gravy and Raita
Lunch Box 3: Yakhini Pulav with Brinjal Raita
Lunch Box 4: Steamed Rice with Sambhar, lady’s finger Stir-fry and Appalam
Lunch Box 5: Schzewan Fried rice (veg), Roasted potatoes and Tomato Sauce
Lunch Box 6: Mung Bean Rice and Paruppu Thuvaiyal/Dal Chutney.
Lunch Box 7: Coconut milk Rice, Shahi Egg Curry and Chapathi
Lunch Box 8: Egg Rice and Methi Chicken.
Lunch Box 9: Kara Kulmabu, Scrambled Egg and Mangoes.
Lunch Box 10: Instant Idly, Potato Saagu and Chutney.
Lunch Box 11: Egg Rice, Chapathi, Mushroom Korma and Lime Pickle.
Lunch Box 12: Steamed Rice with Sambhar, Cauliflower Fry, Appalam and Sago payasam/Kheer.
Lunch Box 13: Curd/Yogurt Rice with Chicken Varuval and Scrambled Egg.
Lunch Box 14: Steamed Rice with Egg Curry and Cabbage Stir-Fry.
Lunch Box 15: Steamed Rice with Chicken Curry and Egg Omelette.


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