Interior Decors and Home Architecture


As I have already shared you all about my interest towards Interior Decorations and Home. Now this is a wonderful visual treat for me, early in the morning with a cup of Coffee. I hope it would be the same with you.

Recently I came across this page with few styles of houses and their interiors by a company. Really I was amazed seeing those visual and I am glad to say that I love the Indian style a lot (no wonder being an Indian), next of that I love the south Korean style to the core. My love towards the wooden Interiors never ends and also the house should be spacious, being a foodie I need a spacious kitchen and hope all my dreams fits this South Korean style.

But there are almost 16 variants of styles from 16 countries depicting their culture and nature. So today there is something new for you, and check this out with a cup of coffee in your leisure: Great Ideas on Interior and Home Architecture across the Globe. Hope this makes your coffee and your day much more special. I have many expectations for my home right from the garden till the kitchen, hope the same with all of us. Since I feel, think, believe that there is some magical power beyond everything in the world which brings us peace, love, energy and beauty that you don’t get anywhere in the world.

Have a great WEEKEND friends.

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