Bloggers Meet For ITC Food products


Saturdays are always a fun day filled with weekend madness, but this Saturday was not something but extremely special due to Bloggers meet for ITC Food Products #QualityITCfoods. First of all here I should thank Mrs. Gopika Kaul to hand pick myself among the Bangalore Bloggers and giving me such a golden opportunity.

The meetup was arranged in ITC Gardenia, Bangalore from 11 a.m till 03 p.m, but the meetup extended for an hour. I was much excited and started sometime around 9.45 a.m, and reached there around 10.15 a.m. I was given a warm welcome by Mrs. Gopika Kaul and had good time with few of my fellow bloggers. The meetup started promptly by 11 a.m and prior to that we were served a quick breakfast and beverages.   #QualityITCFoods

We were given a warm welcome and briefed about the lined up agenda for the day. Mr. Rajesh V.L, C.E.O of ITC foods, who is associated with ITC for almost 35 years, took the stage and gave intro about the ITC foods, their startup, their innovation, package, delivery towards the products and brands, their social responsibility and also about their upcoming products.

The meetup was very good as we got to know many unknown facts about the company, products and they were transparent. A quick catch up on this as below

  • ITC products was started in the year 2000.
  • They have about 10 brands (Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Dark Fantasy, Dream Cream, Delishus, Bounce, Bingo, B Natural, Candyman, mint-o, Yippee, Kitchens of India, GumOn).
  • They have the largest Research in Peenya, Bangalore, India with 395 scientists (only for food).
  • They have billion turn over.

Next came Ms. Kavitha Chaturvedi, the Head of Marketing. She was the one behind the Yippee Noodles and associated with ITC for almost 13 yrs. She shared us about the behind the scenes story of Yippee Noodles (2007-10) which includes their research, innovation, uniqueness, flavor, texture, the name and so on. So I would say that she had shared not something but everything about Yippee.

Next session was “You ask we Answer” section, Mr. Rajesh V.L, the C.E.O of ITC food products, answered the questions put forward by our fellow bloggers with patience. I would say the questions were more about the YIPPEE noodles, so Kavitha was also pulled along for some of the questions and she too answered clearly and patiently.

Next came, Master Chef Kamlesh Joshi, he demonstrated the preparation of Khow Suey using Yippee noodles.

Next came, the cooking section, we were divided into five teams and were given all the required ingredients and each team started with their cooking and were finally judged by three Chefs (Prashant Joseph, Yogesh and Kamlesh Joshi). Our team prepared Pizza Noodles which was delicious, will try it soon and share the recipe in my blog (

Next came, the lunch section with a big spread right from starters, soup, main course and not to miss the dessert – most yummiest dessert (Gulab Jamun, Chocolate cake with Hazelnut creaming, Baked Yogurt with Berry Compote, Poached pears with Honey and Orange, Dark Fantasy Tiramisu and Custard).

Last but not least we all were given a return gift of ITC Food Products #QualityITCFood.

In summary this was a well enjoyed, an informative, and a chance to get in touch with many of the fellow bloggers. I thank Mrs. Gopika Kaul, ITC food products (#QualityITCFoods) and ITC Gardenia for giving me a great and wonderful opportunity.



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