Bat Cupcake – Halloween Special


One more creative Halloween cupcake to my Halloween Collections – BAT Chocolate cupcake


  • Oreo Biscuits – 3 nos
  • Choco Chips – 10 nos
  • Chocolate Cupcake – 4 nos
  • Whipped cream – 100 gm
  • Cocoa Powder – 2 tbsp
  • Cherry – 3 nos


  • Top the Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate Whipped Cream (beat whipped cream and cocoa powder together in high speed for 10 mins).
  • Halve the oreo biscuits (vertically) into two equal halves.
  • Press one corner of the oreo biscuit (halved) to the cake, to resemble the wings.
  • Place chocolate chips in the center, to resemble the face.
  • Chop the cherries into medium pieces and place it in the center of the chocolate chips, to resemble the eyes.

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