Frankenstein Cupcake


Hope many of you know about Frankenstein, I thought icing the cake like him. But as just of now I have started attempting icing, may be it will resemble little as him.

Frankeinstein Cupcake

Frankeinstein Cupcake


  • Vanilla cupcake – 3 nos
  • Butter Frosting (green or blue colour) – 1 cup
  • Gems – 10 pieces (any colours)
  • Diary milk chocolate (grated) – ¼ cup
  • Choco chips – 10 nos


  • Prepare Butter Frosting: Beat 100 gms of butter with 50 gms of sugar and 3 tbsps of chilled milk, until it comes to a cream texture. Add little green or blue food colour and continue beating for few more mins.
  • Drop a scoop of butter frosting to the icing cone and gently drop it over the cupcake, it should resemble his head or should resemble a rectangle shape.
  • Gently pierce a pair of any colour gems in the front of the cream, it should resemble his eyes.
  • Now sprinkle grated chocolate to the top of the head, it should resemble his hair.
  • Gently pierce the choco chips to the sides of the cream, it should resemble the ear.
  • Refrigerate for an hour and serve.

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