Mummy Cupcake – Halloween Special


I prepared ButterFrosting and then had a store bought whipped cream, I have just added 3 tbsps of cocoa powder to the whipped cream and continued beating it heavily for almost 10 mins and here comes my Chocolate Whipped Cream.

Top the Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate Whipped cream and then place any two colour gems for eyes and then pipe the butter frosting to the icing pipe and make lines over the cupcakes.

Mummy Cupcake - Halloween Special

Mummy Cupcake – Halloween Special

For Butter Frosting:

  • Ingredients:
  • Preparation:
    • Bring the butter to room temperature, transfer it to a bowl.
    • Add in sugar and continue beating heavily for 15 mins in high speed by adding little milk once in a while.
    • Beat until the butter becomes thick, soft and fluffy.

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