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Food Review – Hello Curry, Bangalore, India


Hopefully I should say that this month was a perfect month for me as Foodie, I was invited for food reviews on all the Saturdays. A very interesting month, looking forward the same next month too 🙂 …
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Already I have shared a post for Brew&Chew for their site hosting, and this time I got an invite through Brew&Chew for a foodie meet on 28th (last Saturday) for the review of Hello Curry.

Hello Curry is a food service retail brand operating in “Delivery Only” space and catering to the demand for quick, affordable and every day food. They started their Journey in 2013 with Hyderabad and recently spreading to Bangalore and Pune, to the total count of 32 stores.

They have been awarded for their best packaging for “Ready to Eat Restaurant Food”, National tie-up with PVR Cinemas and National Tie-up with IRCTC (Indian Railways).

As I heard that Hello Curry was the most popular Andhra Cuisine, I was expecting a spicy non-veg Biryani, a tangy raita and some spicy curry to accompany Biryani. But I had a unique experience with Hello Curry as they served us the food prepared by HOME CHEFS, also we were informed that they are going to a launch a platform for Home Chefs through Hello Curry.

I also loved the way how they served the food, it was in beautiful carton boxes, and was designed in a way that one can have the food during travel as such directly from the box, no need of plates or bowl for curry. Just peel the wrapper, have the food and throw the box. The boxes were also made out of recyclable materials.

Also got a chance to taste their CHICKEN BRIYANI, it was good. I would say that I will be back to taste all your foods, as I was drooling once I saw the menu’s with pictures. Hope will be soon invited for “Hello Curry” food tasting: P

Let me share the dishes served for us.

  • Paneer Paratha: Paneer paratha was from their Hello Paratha, it was soft and tasty.
  • Chicken Biryani: Hello Curries Chicken Briyani, not too spicy, not too oily, good texture and taste. Also Mr. Sandeep of Hello Curry stated that they use potli Masala, an authentic masala used in Hyderabadi Cuisine for aromatic flavor.
  • Pineapple Cream Chicken with Burnt Garlic Rice (Home Chef): This one was one among the most delicious Dish from their Home Chefs. I love the creamy texture and the taste was yummy.
  • Spicy Chicken Thai with Saffron rice by a Home Chef: This one was also good with a lovely texture.
  • Grilled Chicken by Home Chef
  • Mid-west Spicy Chicken with Chicken Mint Rice
  • Fish Curry and Steamed Rice
  • Allappey Prawn Curry with Ghee rice by Home Chef: This was also one among the most favorite among from their Home Chef. Also I am proud to say that this was prepared by one of foodie friend Soumiya Gopi.
  • Bread Jamun prepared by a Home chef: This was also one among the most delicious dish, and again this was also prepared by Soumiya Gopi.

I would say that really it’s going to be a best platform and good support for Home Chefs. Expecting them to launch their concept of Home chef very soon and also wish them all the success.

Thanks a lot to BrewandChew and Hello Curry for such a nice food tasting event.



Hopping Chef, Bangalore – Review


This is was my week time wait post, as I could not update the review as soon as it was done due to some personal works. A well spend Saturday with few of my fellow foodies in the inaugural of Hopping Chef, Koramangala, Bangalore.

First of all my thanks to Mr. Nilesh Sharma (Sales&Marketing Manager) and Mam. Rekha Ghosh (VP,corporate business head) for your invite.

Hopping Chef is India’s first Chef Lead Food Ordering and Premium Catering business, founded in 2014. Their aim is to get chef curated meals to people’s home. Hopping Chef is a luxurious concept with a unique dinning service that one can create bespoke menus that would be usually offered only a few top restaurants in the world.

Hopping Chef now enters into a new concept of curated ready to eat meal, the “HOP BOX”. Hop Box are specially curated by their in-house master chefs. These meals are prepared and boxed in air sealed containers that keep the food fresh and ready and eat when delivered.

They offer 5 course meal consisting of salad, appetizer, entrée, mains and desserts. Also they have variety of cuisines from Asia, Midle Eastern, European, and Modern Indian up to now, also they added that this list will grow in future.

First of all we all were given a warm welcome and then they served us with their HOP BOXes

  • Asian Box
    • Asian Greens and Beans Salad, Thai Grilled Mushrooms, Thai Coconut Green Chutney and Burnt Garlic Rice.
    • Thai Greens and Bean Salad, Chicken Sweet and sour, Thai Red Chicken Curry and Star Anise and Scallion rise.
  • Lebanese Box
    • Pesto Hummus, Pita Bread, Chickpeas Salad, Falafel bullets and Exotic Vegetables
    • Hummus, Pita Bread, Chickpeas Salad and Chicken n Bell Pepper.
  • Indian
    • Rosemary Murugh Malai, Nawabi Ghosht Ki Tikki, Mumfali Seekh and Kacche Aam Aur Kele Ki tikki
    • Awadi Dhaniya Murgh, Nizami Paneer Hara Pyaaz, Sakarkand Shimla Mirch Ka Salad, Ananrdana Shahi Pulao, Reshmi Malai Paratha.
  • Desserts
    • Quabani Ka Meeta
    • Explosive Orange Rabdi

Finally we were given a beautiful coasters as their return gift and had a group photo.



Thiru Karthigai – 2015


After a big process of shifting my home, maybe I would say a small break from blogging and again into it. Apart from all these here comes, “THIRU KARTHIGAI” – a festival of lamps which is celebrated only by Tamilians all over the world.

We lit lamps in the evening over each and every, nook and corner of the house, keep on fasting for the whole, prepare variety of vegetarian dishes all over the day (a big south Indian vegetarian platter).

I use to prepare for this festival a week back, by collecting beautiful earthware lamps and start painting them as I wish and finally on the evening of Thiru Karthigai, perform Pooja, decorate an lit all those lamps all over the house and this litting of lamps will be done for 2 days.

During fasting we can on munching these laddus (Roasted gram (potttukadalai) Laddu and Peanuts Laaadu)which we prepare in the morning. Let me share the dishes in the laddu and vegetarian platter recipes:

Do check out my 2014 Karthigai Celebration by clicking this link: , 2013 celebration by clicking this link: to know what is Thiru Karthigai click this link:

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