Children’s Day Special in California Pizza Kitchen


First of all I thank California Pizza Kitchen, Indiranagar, Bangalore and Avian media for making our Children’s Day so special with my kids favorite Pizza.

One of my long time wait restaurant in our family list, is this California Pizza Kitchen. I came across this restaurant through one of my foodie friend, Naveen Suresh. When I saw his review for California Pizza Kitchen with classy pictures and also heard through few of my friends that their Pizza sounds good, as my kids are fond of Pizza and at least once in two weeks, I need to get them pizza. Also Indira Nagar, Bangalore is like an unavoidable place in my life and whenever I cross the road, I use to think of CPK (California Pizza Kitchen).

Finally here comes my time, I was invited for a mommy blogger meet in California Pizza Kitchen with my kids for their Children’s Day celebration on Nov 13th Friday around 2:30 p.m. It was very cold as it was raining heavily for almost past two days, we three (me and my kids) arrived there around 2:30. We were given a warm welcome and there was a small intro.

The restaurant was too good, with peaceful and was very spacious. We were given menu for order, first of all comes the kids menu, I suggested with my kids and placed the order as my kids love chicken (smoked chicken) and I went with Chicken BBQ and Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, but I have omitted the pineapple in Hawaiian BBQ as my kids don’t like pineapple in Pizza. For me, I ordered for a thin crust pizza BBQ Pizza, but they suggested for the other one which is recently added to their menu (chicken Pizza), it sounds too good along with a Moroccan Chicken Salad.

On the whole their pizza, salad and coolers tastes heavenly. My kids came home and requested their Dad hereafter when it comes to Pizza, it’s should be only CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). Also they got online order and home delivery.

I had cucumber cooler and cranberry cooler, and kids had Chocolate milk shake and a cooler which was added recently to their menu. The kid’s cooler (forgot the name) was the one I loved the most.

Meantime, we were invited by them to the kitchen, just to have a look how their Pizzas are made. Kids had a good time pass and a good informative session. Finally we had clicks with the manager and the people from avian media, who made it possible for us.

Also one among the most important things is, as of Children’s Day they have a complimentary Kids Pizza for the order of any 9 inch pizza and this offer is available till Nov 18th. I would say a lovely place with yummy taste not only for pizza lovers but for everyone. Go Enjoy CHILDERN’S DAY in California Kitchen Pizza and never miss the complimentary Pizza.


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