Review – PILLSBURY Choco Idli Cake


I always love to try anything with cocoa flavor because my kids love it a lot. This is resulted me in inducing cocoa flavor in most of the dishes, one such is my Nutella Dosa. And so my hubby got this PILLSBURY Choco Idli Cake and suggested me to a give a try. I would say that here comes the right time today to give a try for this Pillsbury Choco Idli mix for our breakfast.

Review - PILLSBURY Choco Idli Cake Mix

Review – PILLSBURY Choco Idli Cake Mix

PILLSBURY Choco Idli Cake was delicious, soft and melts in the mouth. The texture was similar to that of the texture of the Idli. Kids love this a lot and was prepared it just few minutes. Also its and vegetarian dish, makes 7 to 8 idlis.


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