Won the Blog contest conducted by ITC Food Products


Few months back I have been to a Blogger’s Meet Organised by ITC Food Products in Bangalore. They have announced a blog contest among all the bloggers who participated the meet. I have also enrolled my entry about their Food Products and few recipes such as YIPPEE NOODLES PIZZA and YIPPEE NOODLES PANCAKE. #QualityITCFoods

Recently they have informed me that my blog post, “Bloggers Meet For ITC Food Products” has been choosen as the winning blog entry by the team of their Food Division.

A Token of appreciation from ITC Food Products, I received a Gift Voucher worth Rs.2000. Also they appreciated me for my innovative recipes.

Thanks a lot @ITC Food Products and your gift means a loads and loads of appreciation for me. HAPPY ME 🙂

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