Featured in Deccan Herald Newspaper, Bangalore Edition

Featured in Deccan Herald Newspaper, Bangalore Edition

The happiest moment in my life is been my marriage (when it happens to be with understanding person) and then later having kids after these and it’s now – Yes, I got featured in Deccan Herald Newspaper for FBAB (Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore).

I was very happy when I saw my photo in the newspaper, just like that tears roll out my eyes, as I miss my grandpa who is no more. I wish to thank each and every one who motivated and encouraged me by sharing their recipes, placing comments, likes and follows.


Apart from these people there are few more peoples, whom I should share here, my hubby, and my kids – who has been a huge support for me at times. The most important is the FBAB team without them this featuring is not at all possible – Chef Bb, Naveen Suresh, Nameesh and there is one more most encouraging foodie friend Hari.

What would one do when they get featured in a daily newspaper, I would say they fly in the air. But you know what I felt – I am energized, boosted and encouraged, also will try hard to bring out the best.

Do support and keep on supporting me through your wonderful likes and awesome comments.

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