Fruit Salad


Fruit salad is one of my favorite dessert. A very easy, simple, less time consuming but very healthy. When I get colourful fruits, I go for this salad. Goes out well as dessert and for snack box. Let us move on to the recipe…

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad


  • Pineapple – 1 cup
  • Grapes (green and black) – 1 cup
  • Apple – 1 cup
  • Pomegranate – 1 cup
  • Orange juice – 2 tbsp
  • Honey – 2 tbsp


  • Peel and chop all the fruits into small pieces.
  • Take all the chopped fruits in a wide mouth bowl, pour in the orange juice and honey.
  • Mix it well, and refrigerate for 30 mins.

Serve chilled.


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