Food Review – Mighty Smaash, 1 MG Mall, Bangalore


Recently I have been to smaaash – India’s First carnival Café, the place was amazing. There was a gaming venue which launches a carnival themed café called “Mighty Small”.

Smaaash is an sports centre which has gaming, partying and dinning. They also have packages and have offers, not only for food, games but they also have bar for customer engagement. A very innovative concept is what defines Smaash.
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Cricketing legend – Sachin Tendulkar has been an integral part of the smaaash family. They have many attractions such as Battle 360, Trampoline Park, and Finger Coaster and so on. A love place to spend with all what you need.

They do have their branches in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Hyderabad. Recently they have launched in Bangalore, first was their sports and now a month back with their Mighty “Small” Café.

Location: They are located in the 5th floor, 1 MG Mall, M.G. Road, Bangalore.

Food: Coming to the food, they serve all the varieties of food starting from French Fries, Pizza to Biryani and Appam. So everyone can have their own favor ranging from kids to their grandparents. The quantity of the dishes varies from Small and Medium Sizes. We had few of the dishes:

  • Lemonades: We had 4 varieties of lemonade – Pomegranate Lemonade, Lemon grass Lemonade – it was too good and with the right quantity of flavor, Jalapeno Lemonade – I would highly recommend for everyone, a must to try. As the name, we were little scary about the lemonade, but after having it, it was out of the world, the punch of jalapeno in the lemonade was pretty awesome – Unique Lemonade.
  • Soup : Wonton noodles made of veg stock and served along with crispy noodles. The flavors, texture and everything was too good. I like this soup a lot. Lemon grass with roasted tomato and was served with mini grilled cheese. The color and flavor was good.
  • Starters: They have wide range of starters bot in veg and non-veg. We had Nachos Grilled Chicken – It was yummy, a finger licking dish, my kids loved this a lot. Nachos was topped with cheese, few spices and grilled chicken. Kung-fu chicken – It was delicious and the chicken was perfectly done, my kids loved this a lot. Chilli cheese lollipop – Not only kids but also I would say it would be a favorite for everyone. Kids liked it and I would say “It was vanished in seconds”. Kids would love the starters.
  • Pizza – There was few varieties of Pizza, we ordered for pizza with BBQ Chicken, Jalapeno and Cilantro topping. The texture, the flavor, the aroma and the quantity of the ingredients used in the pizza was in the right amount, especially the cheese.
  • Burger – We had Chicken Sloppy Joe Burger with BBQ Glaze, Cheddar, Onions rings and Jalapeno. The patty was perfectly done, and the crunchiness of Onions and the glaze of BBQ and the softness of Cheddar added more and more taste to the Burger.
  • Double Appam & Curry with Mangalore Ghee Roast – Appam was better, and there was goan curry and chettinad curry also served with Appam. But we preferred Mangalore Ghee Roast as it would be balanced with the right quantity of spiciness. But the spiciness was little high and kids never had it. We liked it but would suggest to lower the quantity of spiciness in the curry.
  • Nutella and Banana Milkshake – What would I say about this Milkshake, it was HEAVENLY. All of us had it, we all liked it to the core, especially with the kids.

Service: Service was too good, they explained about the ingredients and the flavor of spiciness in the dish, it was easy for us to order, as we were with kids.

I would recommend this place highly for those who want to have fun, games, food, and party and also bar all these together. Wish many more branches to come in future. I would love going here again and again.

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