My Foodventure – Will it make my dream come true?


Whenever I get free time, I use to spend most of the time in browsing something (sites). Today when I got some free time, I thought of surfing my own site ( and found few of my recipes very interesting and innovative.

Let me share few things about how my Nungu Payasam / Ice-Apple Kheer came to existence. I tried out Yelaneer Payasam/Tender coconut Kheer at home and my kids loved the taste of it and so I thought of trying out Ice-Apple/Nungu in Tamil, and let me share the other names Taad, taal, toddy palm and so on.

Nungu Payasam / Ice Apple Kheer

Nungu Payasam / Ice Apple Kheer

Short Description of Nungu Payasam/Ice-Apple Kheer: I have boiled the milk with sugar and ½ tsp of cardamom powder. Bring it to room temperature. Later blend the flesh of Ice-Apple (preferably hard ones) along with a cup of milk and 5 to 6 pieces of soaked cashew nuts to a fine paste. Later mix this grounded paste along with ½ litre of boiled milk (should be at room temperature else the milk will be curdled), temper few pieces of cashew nuts and raisins in ghee/clarified butter and pour it to the milk, give a stir and serve at room temperature or chilled.

Do check out this link for step by step pictorial recipe:

Beyond my expectation this Ice-Apple Kheer came out very well, usually my son never consumes Ice-Apple but in the form of Kheer, he loved it. As a mother, I am well satisfied as the kids consumed Ice-Apple and as a Recipe developer, I am glad that my Kheer had a good response among kids.

Only when I surfed my site, I could recognize the adventure that I have gone through food. Proud to be a foodie, a food blogger and a recipe developer.

Not only me, but I hope everyone will have your own adventure with food as we cook daily. Now here is a golden opportunity for each and every one to share your own food adventures which is conducted by AXIS BANK – DINING DELIGHTS as #Foodventures.

I am die hard fan of Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna, hope to meet him at least once in my lifetime and the foodventure helped me move towards my dream.

Moreover the person with the best adventure has a chance to feature in a video with Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna and Food Connoisseur Vir Sanghvi. So why wait? Start sharing your adventures at #Foodventures.

Do check out this video for more details: and do check out their website for more details:





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