Food Review – Cookaroo


Recent trend in food industry is based on lunch boxes, one among them is COOKAROO. I have heard through few of friends through cookaroo and hope now it’s the right time for me to enjoy with Cookaroo.

Cookaroo was started by 3 IIM-I grads, Darshan, Eraj and Nikhil, who quit their jobs to start this venture. Cookaroo stands different from other as their menu differ from area to area. They have repeat customer rate of 85%, their meals comes in a disposable meal tray with spoon and tissue.

Delivery: Meal was delivered 5 mins before the delivery time. You can pre-order the food at a time of your choice or demand delivery of your meal in 45 mins.

Packing: The meal was neatly packed and the lid was also easy to remove.

Menu: They have a brand new menu specially curated for each area, every day.


  • Non-Veg meal – Non-veg meal has steamed rice, a dal, a chicken gravy, a chicken masala, two roti and a salad. The chicken was cooked perfectly in both the gravy and masala, roti went well with the gravy, chicken masala and dal went out perfectly with rice.
  • Mutton Combo – I like this mutton combo to the core as the mutton was perfectly done with wonderful spice mix and them gravy was in right texture for roti. The aroma, flavor, taste, color and texture was heavenly. A must to try dish.
  • Pasta Veg – Pasta was also perfectly done with colorful veggies like broccoli, carrot which adds more attraction, flavor and taste to the dish. The veggies are crunchy and the pasta was soft, and you can experience both the crunchiness and softness in the food.
  • Chinese Combo Veg – Chinese veg combo has a vegetable fried rice and a gravy, the vegetable fried rice was perfectly done and the gravy was ok.

I would highly recommend the mutton combo, never miss it.

Price: Price was reasonable.

Order: Order online through:

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